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Anytone AT-D878UVII Plus night

Video of the night is YouTube Link Here


Bring together users, potential buyers and those interested in the Anytone AT-D878UVII Plus DMR radio via a community night event.

Date and time

Confirmed Thursday 03 Feb 2022 20:00

Suggested Agenda

Note these are just talking points, please add more. I don't think this will end up as a 'presentation', more a guided tour with people asking questions and chipping in with points / answers / little asides. (Simon - 2E0UMS)

  • AT-D878UVII Plus demo - Simon (2E0UMS)
    • Basic operations (Memory mode and VFO)
      • Why is the Volume a Knob, but uses steps and isn't gradual (M0TZO)
    • Radio settings
    • Bluetooth setup inc PTT
    • GPS setup and fixed beacons
    • APRS
    • Repeater setup on radio
      • Analogue
      • Digital
    • Simplex DMR (Mark???)
    • Scanning
    • Perhaps some direct messaging/SMS/e-mail?
      • DMR to DMR SMS
      • DMR SMS to SMS gateway
      • DMR SMS to SOTA gateway
      • DMR SMS to email
      • WX forecast
      • APRS Messages
      • APRS Message to M0OUK (discord bot)
      • Other examples??
  • Intro to the CPS and Codeplugs
    • Firmware / CPS installation
    • Upload / Download from / to Radio
    • My first codeplug (volunteer to talk though this?)
    • Talk Groups / Channels / Zones
    • Sources of data
      • Contact lists
      • Repeater details
      • Talk Groups
    • Boot images (Paul?)
  • Connecting to the OARC bridge on the Anytone (everyone!)
  • Intro to APRS on the Anytone - Simon (2E0UMS)
    • Set up in CPS
    • Set up on HT
    • Demo
  • Q&A (see section below)


  • This session is aiming towards the Anytone AT-D878UVII Radio & Software. Other Anytone Radios and an Alinco are Similar, but the CPS and Radio itself will have different options and menus.


Please contribute questions and collectively we might have the answer

Serial Question Asked by Answer Answered by
001 Has anyone got download from radio to work in 2.04? Simon - 2E0UMS
002 Has anyone got APRS Information Manager to download / work in 2.04? Simon - 2E0UMS
003 Merits of FreeDMR vs. Brandmeister or any others? Jonathan - G5LUX
004 What is CDT Scan? Simon - 2E0UMS What is CDT Scan? Simon - 2E0UMS answering his own question

Slidedecks and Resources

Tips and Tricks

Serial Website Submitted by
001 Modifications, hints, tips and technical information Mark - 2M0IIG
002 Intro to DMR - YouTube Simon - 2E0UMS
003 Southern Repeaters Anytone DMR page - over 100 tips! Simon - 2E0UMS
004 Facebook Anytone DMR page Nick - 2E0NGP
005 DMR Gateway Setup Simon - M0SMU via MI0DNL/EI8ICB

Firmware and Docs

Serial Website Comment Submitted by
001 Anytone Download Centre Anytone have all the firmware releases in one handy website Simon - 2E0UMS
002 AT-D878UVII Plus Manual Bridgecom have a link to the user manual Simon - 2E0UMS

Codeplug & CSV Files

Site Website Comment Submitted by
FreeDMR FreeDMR codeplug CSVs to Import Paul - M0TZO
HamGoodies HamGoodies (AT-D878UVii) codeplug .. Paul - M0TZO
PiStar PiStar AnyTone DMR Downloads CSVs to Import Paul - M0TZO
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