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APRS Kit Build

Other Radio brands may work with the setup


  • an APRS igate with Tx capability [for personal use] for a baofeng


There are many ways to achieve the audio cable connections. Below are simple diagrams. You can go even more advanced with more components and cleaning up audio.

For example, you can add resistors i line to control volume (or a potentiometer for the ability to change volume on the fly) or capacitors to filter the audio and remove any DC from the signal. Finally you could also add transformers in between the audio paths to separate the radio ground from the computer device ground, which can reduce hum.


There are many different variations, but they all do the same thing.


If you cant get the double-socket-in-one, you can opt for standard 2.5mm and 3.5mm TRS audio plugs. On Phones, its usually 3.5mm TRRS plug (Tip Ring Ring Sleeve).

One thing you can do is buy one of the extremely cheap Baofeng fist mics and cut the mic off the end, saving the cable. They’re about a fiver and maybe you could repurpose the mic or it’s components somehow.

Phone Audio Socket - *NOTE* Tip, Ring, Ring and the sleeve

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