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  • Things to do
    • Setup Raynet Channel on Discord
    • Start official “National Group”
  • Radio Stuff
    • Business Lite
    • OARC Bridge use if needed?
    • DMR/PMR
    • Tracking (APRS/GPS) for Runners, etc


  • Event Volunteer (local)
    • example comms for event or tracking (APRS)
  • Event Volunteer (remote)
    • Remote tracking (APRS?)

Thoughts / Ideas


We have a strong technically-minded user base, with a wide range of skills and knowledge over a wide geographical area. We could use this to test new and emerging technologies which could be beneficial for other RAYNET groups. We could be seen as the 'lab' where new devices / software / services etc. are tested, reviewed and best practices written up.

An example could be: 'a group of us went out for a day and tested x system, we found A, B and C were useful. Look out for D as we had issues. Here is a write up on how we think it could be used etc.' This could be done similar to how the National Cyber Security Centre works, which provides overall advice and guidance to a number of businesses / entities.

As mentioned earlier, we have a lot of IT professionals / Developers in our ranks, we could create useful tools and websites, although this will probably only come with experience.

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