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field day planning meeting 14/04/21

Notes taken on the 1st field day discussion held on 14/04/21

Objective and purpose

  • Public vs Private - Club/Community Field Day Event
  • Not a family event but family & friends are welcome
  • Children must be supervised
  • Community members to get together to socialise
  • Give people the opportunity to operate and share knowledge


  • 11/09/2021 & 12/09/2021
  • Only subject to change if no site is available/COVID restrictions

Facility requirements

  • Self Catering
  • Own Tent/Mobile home subject to site
  • Must have toilets [portaloo+]
  • Showers optional [bring a can of lynx]
  • Height if possible?
  • Mains Hookup
  • Campervan access
  • Accessibility preferred
  • Space to put up antennas
  • Access from Friday night(?)
  • BBQ / Open Fires?


  • Add notice board to collect suggestions - close it Midnight on Sunday and start contacting campsites
  • North - Edinburgh, Firth of Forth - Bonaly Scout Centre
  • South - Milton Keynes

Club call or SES

Use club call - potentially with additional regional identifier

Operating plan

Whiteboard to co-ordinate operating

Resource requirements

  • Generator
  • Batteries
  • Rigs
  • Antennas

Marketing & media

  • Advertise to bring in more members
  • Regional Marketing


  • Check availability of MK field - Francis M0UKF
  • Check availability and facilities at Bonaly-Torin 2M0STK
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