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Stats from Event

  • 331 QSOs
    • 20m 216 QSOs (FT8 & FT4)
    • 10m 66 QSOs (FT8)
    • 6m 26 QSOs (FT8)
    • 30m 12 QSOs (FT8)
    • 40m 6 QSOs (FT8)
    • 70cm 5 QSOs (DMR)
  • Furthest contact 4,468 miles (20m FT8 to Florida, & in last hour)
  • 55 DX Entities worked
  • Most worked period 22:00-22:30
  • Countries & DXCC worked (in order first worked)
    • Spain, Denmark, Azores, Italy, Romania, Belarus, Federal Republic Of Germany, Norway, Greece, England, United States Of America, Estonia, Bosnia-herzegovina, Poland, Slovak Republic, European Russia, Hungary, Finland, Portugal, Croatia, Austria, Ukraine, Netherlands, Turkey, France, Lithuania, Canary Islands, Saint Lucia, Sardinia, Puerto Rico, Bulgaria, Moldova, Madeira Islands, Algeria, Czech Republic, Iceland, Cyprus, Canada, Scotland, Morocco, Sweden, Northern Ireland, Serbia, Belgium, Slovenia, Ireland, Crete, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Mauritania, Switzerland, Oman, Balearic Islands, & Luxembourg
  • Guest Ops
    • Torin 2M0STK (now MM1STK) did 17 QSOs remotely on 02/06/2021


  • Operated by Paul M0TZO from Bromley
  • On air from Friday 28th May 2021 to 24th June 2021 (28 days)
    • No/minimal operation 30th May-31st May as away from home
  • Bands & Modes
    • FT8/FT4 on 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m (working on 80m antenna)
    • FM on 2m/70cm
    • DMR / D-Star / YSF
    • Other modes maybe possible
  • Sorry, but due to Covid, Station will not currently be open to the public
  • Operators:- M0TZO, M0JXW, 2M0STK

About Special Event Stations

The RSGB has some info linke below about Special Event Stations
Applying for a Special Event Station


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