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The OARC PBX has been retired. This page remains for posterity

Grandstream Phones

Instructions on setting up compatible Grandstream IP Phones

Grandstream 21xx series

The 21xx series are still in production, with regular firmware updates. If these instruction don't work for you then please check your firmware version, by pressing the phone's up-arrow key. The example screenshots are from a GXP2140, but should be the same on any Grandstream 21xx phone. }

Access the Web Interface

To find the IP address of your phone press the up-arrow key. A pop-up will appear, similar to this:

The pop-up will dismiss itself after a few seconds.

Type the IP address into your browser and you should be presented with the configuration web interface. The default credentials are admin / admin

Configure Busy Lamps

Navigate to General Settings for your OARC PBX account. e.g. if OARC is account 3 on your phone then go to Accounts ► Account 3 ► General Settings.

  • Enter into the BLF Server field.

  • Click the Save and Apply button

Busy Lamps on the phone are configured from the Settings ► Programmable Keys ► Virtual Multi-Purpose Keys menu. There is a separate menu for adding BLFs to the optional extension boards.

In the following

Configure the LDAP Directory

To configure the LDAP Directory navigate to PHONEBOOK > LDAP in the web interface

Then complete as shown in the screenshot below. Note the directory is unauthenticated so username and password should be left blank. See the notes underneath for the cropped fields.

Complete the form as shown in the screenshot below. See the notes underneath for the cropped fields.

  • LDAP Name Filter: (&(telephoneNumber=*)(displayName=%))
  • LDAP Number Filter: (&(telephoneNumber=%)(displayName=*))
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