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Idea of what we should add to the wiki List below. Please add a date along with any future entries you make.

Also if you want to work on a page, but there isn't a place for it yet on/via the Start page, please add here for now.


  • Radio Accessibility (For Radio Amateurs with Disabilities), and how can we support them
  • Add our Constitution here - Done
  • Information on Radios, Antennas, etc from personal use Making a community table to rate rigs
  • Timeline of club history (not that it's very long). Maybe by Francis?
  • Events to attend
  • Youth Events (JOTA, JOTI, etc)
  • How to guides: starting with FT8/WSJT software? (2E0LXQ)
  • This Tweet suggests putting Sticker on Old Radio magazines and donating to Waiting Rooms. Maybe could add Sticker to Merch Store. [M0TZO]
  • Rubber Stamp QSO text, in foreign languages. eg I'd like to get better a learning my Swedish, and I know one CR is learning Japanese. But how about pages for different languages with how to say the basics? [M0TZO]
  • Build a Simple Kit night. Everyone gets a kit (same one?) and builds (mostly) in an evening on Zoom or Discord chat.
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