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Community idea: "OARC experiments - The forgotten modes"

“OARC experiments - The forgotten modes” refers to the idea of using data modes on any band which are typically not heard as commonly as they once were, now that newer modes have taken over. The idea came about on 20/03/2022 while we were playing with RTTY with little success. It was suggested we attempt to use a slower mode that is able to break through the noise, Olivia 4-125 was the mode of choice. With this alternative mode we were able to make the contacts despite the weak signals and poor band conditions.

Experimentation leads to fun, so let's get experimenting!

RTTY contact between M0LTE and M0LKW

The future of this activity:

I propose that we continue this activity with more members of the community and others within amateur radio to encourage experimentation with data modes that would otherwise be left behind and forgotten about. Listening to the same beeps and bloops can only be so exciting so let's create our own challenges! Conditions bad? Experiment with other modes, they may be slow but they work and it's a lot of fun to really push the limits of what our RF can do.

Discussion about data modes happens in the OARC Discord #data-modes channel

The #drop-in-voice-channel and SIP network also provides a useful place to chat with other members when attempting these often hard-to-achieve contacts.

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