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OARC Makers Show and Tell Night

This is a bit of an advert and a little bit of a sign-up sheet for the proposed Makers Show and Tell Night. Feel free to edit this page and add your ideas!


Bring together the OARC community and show off our projects, talk about ideas for projects, inspire one another or just learn a few things.

Date and time

20:00 Thursday 26 May 2022

Suggested Agenda

Lightning talk style, 5-10 minute talks (shorter is better) on anything you've built, would like to build, or tips / techniques you've learnt or want to learn about. Try and avoid slides if you can, focus on things you've made or would like to be able to make.

Please contribute ideas for talks, or volunteer to give a talk below:

Serial Talk Title By Format Session Recording
001 Adding a mixer to my radio setup Simon - M0SMU Show and tell May 2022 Adding a mixer to my radio setup
002 Soldering connectors, components Robin - M0JQQ Show and tell June 2022 Soldering connectors, components
003 Adding external GPS to Yaesu FMT-300 - mobile radio - investigation Vic - EI5IYB Show and tell June 2022
004 Setting up a PiStar hotspot Robin - M0JQQ Show and tell July 2022
005 3D printing for Hams - making a roof bar mount Simon - M0SMU Show and tell July 2022
006 Building top band - 160m band vertical Vic - EI5IYB Show and tell August 2022

Interested to watch

Sign up here to show interest even if you don't have anything you want to talk about right now.

Name Call Sign Interested in…
Simon M0SMU Antennas, 3d Printing, learning how to make PCBs
Vic EI5IYB Measuring equipment, components, measuring in general, testing, tools, methodology
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