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Member Challenges

This page will have members update themselves, and may not be completely up to date.


Michael GM5AUG is using the Colchester Radio Amateurs callsign 'GS3CO' for the month of April 2023, to mark CRA's 60th anniversary. He is hoping to make 60x QSOs on 60m to mark the 60th anniversary. Although it is possible to make plenty of FT8 contacts, he is particularly keen to make CW/SSB/AM QSOs as well.


Chris M0LKW set a challenge to get a QSO using every mode available in FLDIGI throughout 2023.


Paul has been doing a Daily QSO (any band or mode with RF) since 13th July 2020. 31st December 2022 was day #902 and still going.

Total Days on last update = 964

  • Top Modes
    • Digi (FT8, FT4, etc), SSB, FM
  • Top Bands
    • 40m, 20m, 30m
Year Days QSOs Notes
2019 40 189 Pre Challenge year
2020 296 3,874 Run start mid year, but had other days operating
2021 365 1,607 1st complete year
2022 365 1,044 2nd complete year
2023 62 128
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