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Mitel Phones

Instructions on setting up compatible Mitel IP Phones

Note: Mitel phones can be a bit tricky about working with SIP, and you may need a TFTP server to update the firmware. Some models aren't supported. YMMV

Mitel 53XX

The Mitel 53XX handsets are pretty utilitarian (ugly) but you might be able to get one for free out of a skip or office clearout.

The following setup has been tested on firmware version

Switching to SIP mode

By default the phones are designed to work with a propietary Mitel system. To get them to work with the OARC PBX you'll need to convert them to SIP mode. We have limited knowledge of these phones so you'll need to search for the process online.

Access the Web Interface

To get the IP of the phone navigate to menu > admin tools > network config

Default credentials are:

Username: admin
Password: model number of phone (e.g 5312)

Configure Date / Time

You can configure the time via the handset by navigating to menu > date > time

Configure your Account

Use the following screenshot as a guide to setup your phone. Remember to update the extension, displayname and passowdd

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