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Morse Channel Resources


OARC has a Morse channel on the Discord server that aims to help members learn Morse Code so they can operate CW on amateur radio. This page catalogues some of the resources we are using, anyone is welcome to add more or expand this page, it is a wiki after all.

Morse Code Training

Slow to Medium Speed CW Net

Michael GM5AUG and Colin GM4JPZ are beginning a weekly Slow to Medium Speed CW Net for 40m, which anyone with an interest in Morse or learning CW is welcome to call in to. More information can be found here.


There are several OARC members who are proficient in CW and happy to arrange skeds or video calls with those learning Morse Code. Simply post a request on the #morse channel, or contact:

  • Michael GM5AUG
  • Colin GM4JPZ

Any OARC members who would like to offer their services, please let Michael know.

Morse Alphabet


  • Essex CW (UK) - Essex CW Amateur Radio Club is for anyone with a passion for Morse Code.
  • CW Academy - The CW Academy offers classes for all levels of Morse code, with each course lasting 2 months. Student resources are available for all on their area of the CWOps website.

Most online training systems suggest practising for 30-60 minutes per day, and the OARC Discord Morse channel is a useful place to talk about learning, Morse keys, paddles, keyers, speed, CW philosophy and pretty much anything that will get people on the air.

Software and Apps


There are lots of software tools out there to help, we've listed some that we've used below

Name Description Platforms Links
CW Ops Morse Code Trainer Learn Morse Code (CW) Online! Web link
Learn CW Online Online trainer for CW Ops learning Web link
Morse Machine This app teaches you to 'receive' Morse code. It starts with two letters and automatically adds more when it understands that you are ready. iOS, Android Google Play (69p)
Morse Resource Daily quotes in Morse Code Web link
Morsle Daily Morse code challenge Web link

Morse Chat Online

Name Description Platforms Links online morse chat Web link
Vail Vail is a Continuous Waveform (CW) repeater. You can send a signal on it, and anyone else connected will hear and/or see it. Web link
VBand Virtual CW Band Web link

Morse Mnemonics


Name Description Link Comments
Morserino-32 Self contained battery powered keyer, CW decoder and practice aid. Has LORA and WiFi capability Morserino-32 Great for head copy and keying practice anywhere. Let's you plug in a straight key or paddle.
Funtronics K3NG Keyer An open source Arduino based CW (Morse Code) keyer with a lot of features and flexibility K3NG Keyer
K1EL WinKeyer WinKeyer is a low-cost full featured external Morse keyer capable of being fully controlled via a USB interface K1EL WinKeyer Needs new UK Vendor


Name Description Link Comments paddle Lightweight CW Morse Pocket Paddle Key ebay link


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