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National Packet Update - July 2023


Welcome to the latest edition of the National Packet Update, where we strive to collate updates on our endeavors to increase packet radio usage and expand its coverage in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and beyond.

It's been another busy month for packet with new NoVs being granted and the better weather giving people a chance to get outside and erect new or modify existing antennas to add new links. The recent Online Amateur Radio Community (OARC) NinoTNC Group Buy closed at the end of May with a staggering 148 NinoTNCs ordered and 25 extras held in reserve. That potentially adds 150 more radio amateurs who can start experimenting with Packet Radio. A huge thank you to everyone involved in ordering and assembling the kits.


In Scotland, Hibby MM0RFN has been granted an NoV for GB7HIB in Aberdeen, operating at 9600 baud on 432.625MHz. The node utilizes a Motorola GM340 and runs the native Linux stack, with Uronode on GB7HIB and an FBB-based BBS running on GB7HIB-2.

In Ireland, Vic EI5IYB near Rathangan and Ben EI9IUB near Kilbeggan have both installed new antennas and successfully established a reliable 2-meter link between them. Other local stations are eager to join in soon.

In Wales, Marc MW0NXT recently demonstrated Packet Radio at the BARS Amateur Radio Rally, running 10 sessions to promote packet and inspire local radio amateurs to get involved.

In the South West of England, Kevin M0AHN has been granted an NoV for GB7PEW in Pewsey, operating at 1200 baud on 144.925MHz. GB7PEW is currently linked to GB7RDG via AXUDP until more RF links become available. Kevin has also been exploring the installation of a node in Swindon, with hopes of connecting the South West to the activity in Oxfordshire. Kevin also plans to set up a node in Exmouth, Devon when time permits. Marc MW0NXT and John G4OTJ have gathered the necessary hardware for a 70cm link between GB7NXT in Wenvoe, Wales and John's nodes near Farmborough. They will begin experimenting in the coming weeks.

In London, Simon M0GZP now runs an attended node on 144.9375 in Sudbury, with a reliable 70cm link to GB7CIP in Caterham. Tom M0LTE has also migrated MB7NGP to BPQ, and it is now linked to the rest of the network.

On the Isle of Wight, Eoin M0NVK has recently established packet mail forwarding between GB7IOW and Red PE1RRR in the Netherlands on 40m. Eoin is eager to set up more forwarding arrangements over HF so If you're interested, please reach out to him.

In the software world, John G8BPQ recently released a new Beta version of BPQ that resolves a connection issue that could cause a node to become stuck, especially with a weak link. It is recommended to upgrade when possible. More information on the bug and how to replicate it can be found here:

Upcoming Events

Packet Radio in the 21st Century [11/06/2023 15:00 BST]

Simon M0GZP and Matthew 2E0SIP will be giving a talk on Packet Radio and hopefully a demonstration!

The talk will be given at Harrow Amateur Radio Societies Shack in Bushey, Watford. More details on their website

Adventures in New Packet Radio - Running 330kbps on 146Mhz [15/06/2023 20:00 BST]

Kevin - M0AHN presents: In 2020 I was live with a 330kbps New Packet Radio (NPR) link on 146Mhz. The journey involved the ETCC, RSGB, interactions with the inventor F4HDK, new firmware, hardware modifications, testing, fixes and a load of lessons learned. In this talk, I'll give an intro to NPR, demo it live, share the journey in more detail and discuss the current barriers to getting NPR live once again

The talk will be hosted on Zoom. Jump on the Discord on the day of the event to get the link.

How to get involved

  • Join the OARC Discord server ( and visit the #national-packet-project channel.
  • Join the UK Packet Radio mailing list:
  • Visit for further information, tutorials, and more. (Please note that this page is a work in progress, just like this project!)
  • Build a node and get it on the air, or try connecting to any of the existing nodes.
  • Stay tuned for future updates on the progress.
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