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SOTA Exchange, Scoring and Logging

Edit 04th July 2023 - the SOTA Data website has had a facelift, so most of this is out of date. The basic information is the same but the screenshots will be somewhat useless.

The usual SOTA exchange is callsign and summit reference. Names and signal reports are nice but not technically part of a SOTA log. Be sure to also record the UTC time of each QSO you have as you will need this later when logging.

If you want to log your contacts on the SOTA website and actually score points then you will need an account on the SOTA Data website first. Remember that to activate the hill you just need one QSO, but to score points you will need four QSOs.

Options to submit the log are on the left-hand side under Menu - > Submit Logs

Be sure to log the following:

  • Your activation log of all of your contacts from the top of your summit. You can delete and re-add any erroneous contacts before submitting the entire log if doing this manually via the website.
  • Your summit-to-summit contacts separately as chaser entries. You will score chaser points and S2S points separately.

Double check your log is accurate before submitting, otherwise you’ll need to resubmit the entire log with the correct entry replaced.

Import/Export options for logging are available on the website.

Here is a link for a CSV to ADIF log converter for SOTA use:

And one to go the other way:

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