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OARC Logo 3D Print - 2E0UMS (Simon)

The Finished Product

STL Files to create your own

  • OARC Logo V1 - Version 1 of the logo - 5mm raised text and logo
  • OARC Logo V2 - Version 2 of the logo - 3mm raised logo, 1.5mm raised text

Reference files to customise


My method was simple and consisted of these steps:

  1. Obtain OARC logo as a .png
  2. Convert the .png to SVG - I used an online tool ONLINE PNG OR JPG TO SVG CONVERTER
  3. Import SVG into your CAD package - I used Fusion 360
  4. Add a bounding box to act as the plaque backing
  5. Extrude the outlines to the desired height (currently -5mm for the base (i.e. extrude down, leaving the sketch on the face of the plaque), 3mm for the logo and 1.5mm for the text)
  6. Export as STL
  7. Slice - I used PrusaSlicer and added a layer change after the plaque backing is complete to have the logo and text in a contrasting colour
  8. Print
  9. Enjoy!
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