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Cloning BPQ installs

If you have a node running on one system that you want to transfer over to another system, or if you were using the compiled version and want to switch to the APT repository version, then you'll need to copy specific files over to make sure the new system is a proper clone of the first one.

Here's a list of everything from the BPQ folder that needs to go over:

  • chatconfig.cfg
  • linmail.cfg
  • Copy all files in old Mail folder to new Mail folder
  • RTKnown.cfg
  • UIUtil.cfg
  • UserList.csv
  • WFBID.sys
  • WP.sys

After completing this you'll need to change users and groups on all files copied to the new folder:

sudo chown -R linbpq:linbpq ./linbpq

(Where chown is the command to change ownership, -R instructs the command to act recursively (applied to everything within the folder), linbpq:linbpq sets the user as linbpq and the group as linbpq, and the ./linbpq applies the command to the folder)

As well as this you'll also have to copy over /etc/bpq32.cfg as well, as you'd expect.

After doing all this you can restart the linbpq.service on the new system and that should be the whole process complete. All of your configs for chat, BBS, and the node itself will be restored, as well as any BBS messages and the white pages database.

Mark 2M0IIG
Additions - Michael GM5AUG

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