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Packet Over LoRa

Currently being explored by some members, connected mode packet over LoRa.

There is already a reasonable uptake of APRS over LoRa (see this map for example), and this means using LoRa modulation to send AX.25 frames. While APRS uses AX.25 in a different manner to classic AX.25 connected mode packet radio, there is some firmware for LoRa devices that appears to support KISS, with some specifically mentioning packet BBS support as well as APRS.

We're still in the discovery phase of working out what is possible, so this page is currently just a list of notes and links until we get it all figured out! If you have any experience with connected mode packet over LoRa let us know on discord in either #packet-general or #lora-and-balloons!


  • LoRa_APRS_Tracker - Mentions “Kiss and TNC2” support from TTGO-T-Beam-LoRa-APRS
  • esp32_loraprs - ESP32 based LoRa/FSK KISS Bluetooth/BLE/USB/TCPIP modem, and supports “APRSDroid TNC2 text APRS packet mode”
  • RPi-LoRa-KISS-TNC-2ndgen - “emulates a KISS TNC and controls a hardware LoRa transceiver of 1st and 2nd generation (SX127x/SX126x) connected to the Raspberry´s SPI”
  • Using an RNode With Amateur Radio Software - Using RNode firmware to use “an RNode with amateur radio applications, like APRS or a packet radio BBS, you will need to put the device into TNC Mode. In this mode, an RNode will behave exactly like a KISS-compatible TNC, which will make it usable with any amateur radio software that can talk to a KISS TNC over a serial port.”
  • ESP32APRS_T-TWR - works in 3-modes: APRS internet gateway, digital repeater, tracker, with built-in TNC and radio transceiver. which is used with the ESP32-S3 LILYGO T-TWR Plus V2.0 board, “Bluetooth TNC2/KISS Mode”

OARC's own 2E0ITB is working on an embedded AX.25 implementation ax25embed, so it is entirely possible we could use this with a custom firmware (on either a LoRa dev board, or a custom micro + LoRa module) and make out own.


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