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Raspberry Pi Compatible Ham Radio Software

Packages Available in Raspberry Pi Repos

Below is a list of packages maintained in Debian that have been pulled through to Ubuntu, Mint and Raspberry Pi OS.

The linked packages starting with `hamradio-` are called metapackages, installing that will install everything below - unfortunately this doesn't work in Raspberry Pi OS as they've not imported them for some reason!

I've pulled out the highlights as you won't be interested in the whole thing!

Antenna Modelling

Modelling software for antennas and coverage

Packages contained within hamradio-antenna

apt install splat nec2c xnec2c xnecview

Name Description Debian Package Name Github/other link Other Resources
splat Command line tool to create coverage maps and analyze point-to-point terrestrial RF communication links splat Hibby's Blog - splat
NEC2c NEC2, translated to C. Command Line tool for antenna modelling. nec2c
xnec2c NEC2c with a GUI. xnec2c
xnecview GUI viewer for NEC2c antennas xnecview

Data Modes

RTTY, SSTV, JT* and more

Packages contained within hamradio-datamodes.

apt install fldigi flamp flmsg flwrap js8call psk31lx qsstv twpsk wsjtx

Name Description Debian Package Name Github/other link Other Resources
FLdigi Multimode digital program covering many modes - too many to list fldigi
FLamp FLDigi extension for receiving files multicast to many stations flamp
FLMsg FLMsg allows sending/receiving files in a number of different established message formats flmsg
FLWrap FLDigi Extension that enxapsulates and compresses files to be sent flwrap
js8call Powerful keyboard to keyboard messaging, very capable for weak signal situations, based on FT8 js8call is a big fan
psk31lx PSK31 application that is terminal only psk31lx
Qsstv Dedicated SSTV application, covers both analogue and Digital (“DRM”) modes qsstv
twpsk Simple GUI PSK31 application twpsk
wsjtx Weak signal communication suite, includes FT8, FT4, WSPR and more wsjtx

Digital Voice

These packages cover digital voice modes on RF and for Internet linking.

Packages contained within hamradio-digitalvoice.

apt install dsdcc freedv qtel svxreflector svxlink-server svxlink-gpio svxlink-calibration-tools

Name Description Debian Package Name Github/other link Other Resources
Digital Speech Decoder Digital speech decoder for DMR, DStar, dPMR and System Fusion dsdcc
FreeDV FreeDV is a digital voice mode for HF Radio freedv
QTel Graphical Echolink client qtel
SVXlink The SvxLink Server is a general purpose voice services system, which when connected to a transceiver, can act as both an advanced repeater system and can also operate on a simplex channel with Echolink support svxreflector svxlink-server svlink-gpio svxlink-calibration-tools


These packages include log programs (including contest logs).

Packages contained within hamradio-logging.

apt install cqrlog klog pyqso tlf trustedqsl tucnak xlog

Name Description Debian Package Name Github/other link Other Resources
CQRLog Powerful logging program, can connect to remote mySQL server cqrlog
KLog KDE/QT Native Logging program klog
PYQSO Python based simple log program pyqso
TLF Console based log program tlf
TrustedQSL Program for signing & verifying LOTW contacts trustedqsl
Tucnak Console based contest logger tucnak
xlog GTK Logging application xlog

Morse / CW

CW Operation and Learning programs.

Packages contained within hamradio-morse.

apt install aldo cw cwcp cwdaemon ebook2cw ebook2cwgui glfer morse morse2ascii qrq xcwcp xdemorse

Name Description Debian Package Name Github/other link Other Resources
Aldo Morse Code Trainer aldo
UnixCW cli morse code tutor cw
cwcp TUI for Unix CW morse code tutor cwcp
xcwcp QT GUI for Unix CW xcwcp
cwdaemon Cwdaemon is a small daemon which uses the pc parallel or serial port and a simple transistor switch to output morse code to a transmitter from a text message sent to it via the udp internet protocol. cwdaemon
ebook2cw Convert ebooks to morse, MP3 or OGGs ebook2cw
ebook2cw GUI GUI for ebook2cw ebook2cwgui
glfer Program for reception and transmission of QRSS/DFCW signals glfer
morse training program about morse-code for aspiring radio hams morse
morse2ascii tool for decoding the morse codes from a PCM WAV file morse2ascii
qrq high speed morse trainer, similar to DL4MM's Rufz qrq
xdemorse GUI for decoding Morse signals to text xdemorse

Non Amateur Modes

Packages useful for listening to non-amateur modes such as AIS and ADS-B.

Packages contained within hamradio-nonamateur.

Name Description Debian Package Name Github/other link Other Resources
Dablin DAB/DAB+ Receiver dablin
Dump1090-mutability ADS-B Aircraft Position Receiver for RTL-SDR dump1090-mutability
fccexam Questions for USA FCC Exams fccexam
gnss-sdr Global Navigational Satellite System SDR Receiver gnss-sdr
GNU AIS AIS Decoder gnuais
GNUAIS GUI GUI for GNU AIS gnuaisgui
gr-air-modes GNU Radio receiver for Mode S Transponders gr-air-modes
gr-RDS GNU Radio FM RDS/TMC Transceiver gr-rds
hacktv Analogue PAL/NTSC Transmitter for HackRF w/ teletext support hacktv
radioclk ntp refclock daemon for MSF/WWVB/DCF77 signals radioclk
rtl-433 Decode 433.9 MHz Data rtl-433
tempest-for-eliza demonstrate electromagnetic emissions from computer systems by sending AM signals via computer monitors tempest-for-eliza DAB/DAB+ SDR

Packet Modes

Packages useful when using AX.25, including IPv4 over AX.25 and APRS. Most of these are maintained by Hibby, MM0RFN - give him a shout on discord if you need a hand.

Packages contained within hamradio-packetmodes.

Name Description Debian Package Name Github/other link Other Resources
aprsdigi APRS Digipeter aprsdigi
aprx APRS Digipeter & iGate aprsdigi
AX.25 Suite Tools for managing AX25 interfaces, and calling other AX25 stations ax25-tools ax25-apps ax25-xtools Hibby's Blog - radio node
axmail Mail user agent for ax.25 users. Probably not allowed under the uk license due to email being third party traffic axmail
Direwolf Soundcard TNC with excellent APRS & AX.25 support direwolf
FBB Packet radio mailbox and utilities fbb ax25mail-utils
linpac Terminal for packet radio linpac
minimodem General purpose AFSK Modem including support for various standard FSK protocols such as Bell103, Bell202, RTTY, TTY/TDD, NOAA SAME, and Caller-ID minimodem minimodem
multimon-ng Packet/Digital mode decoder, will work with audio from a radio, GQRX or UDP stream multimon-ng
soundmodem Sound Card TNC with GUI for configuration soundmodem
uronode Simple, low bandwidth node frontend for AX.25, NET/ROM, Rose and TCP connected stations uronode
xastir APRS Mapping & Messaging application xastir

Rig Control

Packages useful for rig control and programming.

Packages contained within hamradio-rigcontrol.

Name Description Debian Package Name Github/other link Other Resources
chirp Configuration tool for many ham radios, baofengs included chirp
dmrconfig cli config utility for some DMR Radios dmrconfig
flrig GUI CAT/CI-V Remote control program for Radios flrig
grig GUI for Hamlib / control of radios grig
icom Software control for ICOM radios using CI-V icom
libhamlib-utils Utilities to support the hamlib control library libhamlib-utils
owx Wouxun Dual Band handheld programming software owx
remotetrx RemoteTrx server facilitates remote control of amateur radio transceivers via the EchoLink protocol in party with svxlink-server remotetrx


Packages contained within hamradio-satellite.

Name Description Debian Package Name Github/other link Other Resources
GPredict Satellite/orbital object tracking and rig control gpredict

Other Software

Below is other software that people like to use but isn't supplied in the repositories of Raspberry Pi OS & Friends.

Data Modes

Name Description Github/other link Other Resources
Gridtracker GridTracker is a warehouse of amateur radio information presented in an easy to use interface, from live traffic decodes, logbooks, spot reports, weather, current solar conditions and more.

Rig Control

Name Description Github/other link Other Resources
QDMR A GUI Codeplug programming tool for DMR Radios
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