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Raspberry Pi Night


Bring together users, potential buyers and those interested in Raspberry Pi's via a community night event to learn and share about the uses of Pi's in our hobby [and more generally]

Date and time

Thursday 14 April 2022 20:00

Suggested Agenda Items

Please add to the following talking points. Although a small presentation might be needed the hope is that it can be a practical demonstration by a number of us.

  • Brief overview of pi's available
  • Tour of a pi
  • Pi Star - throughout the evening, build a hotspot
    • Show where to buy
    • Assemble from basics
    • Flash Memory Card
    • Carry out initial setup
    • Make contact over OARC bridge
  • Remote RTL-SDR
  • Can someone share how to use/uses of docker on a Pi? [2E0UMS suggestion]
  • Use Cases
    • FT8 via WSJT-X including setting up FLDigi to control radio [2E0UMS]
    • Logging QSOs on Pi [2E0UMS]
      • Cloudlog
  • Q&A (see section below)
  • Non amateur uses

Suggested Running Order

  • Overview of current pi's available
  • Demonstration of setting up a pi for the first time
  • A few examples of using amateur tools on raspbian [M0TZO/2E0UMS screen share]
  • Demo building a hotspot
  • more examples of using pi's [doesn't have to be amateur]
  • Creating a remote rx station using RTL_SDR
  • Other examples, discussing good practice/ideas


Please contribute questions and collectively we might have the answer

Serial Question Asked by Answer Answered by
001 How can I use containers like Docker to better configure my Pis? Simon - 2E0UMS
002 What is the best distribution to use for Amateur Radio on Pi? Simon - 2E0UMS

Slidedecks and Resources

Tips and Tricks

Serial Website Submitted by
001 Paul - M0TZO

Pi Images

Serial Website Comment Submitted by
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