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Austere QO-100 Bill of Materials and Plan


I want to work QO-100 but I don't know if I want to work it and I'm done, or if I want a permanent QO-100 station. So, I want a plan to build my QO-100 in an Agile fashion, based on my interest and time.

All thoughts / comments / suggestions are welcome as I progress this.

Current Status

I've revised by build for Phase 1T and ordered the parts. Also working on some DATV parts like a Portsdown 4 so I can receive DATV from QO-100. Next step is to find a decent receive dish locally.

Principles of the Build

  1. Reuse existing kit where possible
  2. Make or buy will be decided on time / money
  3. Start with the smallest / easiest functioning unit and build up
  4. The perfect is the enemy of the good enough - I'm not building the best QO-100 station, just a good enough one

Outline Plan

Phase 1R - Initial receive

Phase 1T- Initial transmit

Phase 2R - Improved receive

Phase 2 - Integration of RX and TX into a single station

Phase 3 - Integrate with Portsdown 4 for DATV

BOM for Phase 1R

Use Goonhilly BATC WebSDR for receive

BOM for Phase 1T

We will go from Rig → Antenna

  • Rig - IC-705 - already own and more than capable of all the modes I want to use
  • Patch lead from IC-705 to transceiver - BNC to SMA probably
  • Transverter - TBC but options are SG Labs Transverter but I can't find pricing or a UK supplier. Thoughts welcomed!
  • Patch lead from transverter to PA or antenna - SMA to SMA (PA) or N-type (antenna)
  • PA - might not be needed as 2W out into a 24dBi dish is 300W EIRP…
  • Antenna support - Lidl Bike workstand - already owned
  • Antenna - Wifi Grid dish antenna Alu 2,4GHz 24 dBi - ordered from Wimo

Decided to replace the Transverter to PA with Easy-100 from RADCOM June 2019 article. This has the following BOM:

BOM for Phase 2R

Again, we will go from Rig → Antenna

  • Rig - PC already owned, using SDR Console
  • Rig - SDR Play - RSP-1A SDR - already owned
  • Cable from Rig to LNB - Sat cable?
  • Bias - T - LNB needs 12V and I think SDR Play only supplies 4.7V / 100mA
  • Dish - to be sourced - probably local / 2nd hand
  • Dish support - TBC

BOM for Phase 2

Fully integrated, full duplex solution?


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