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Radio Accessibility


  • I have a disability, can I get a licence?
    • Yes. There is nothing to stop someone with a disability getting a Amateur Radio licence.
    • In the UK during exams, if requested in advance (via RSGB) you can have someone to help with the questions (eg read them), but you must still answer.
    • Large Print, Extra Time, Reader.
    • For the test for anyone with dyslexia can without asking could print the EX307 on coloured paper and also tint screen to colour to make it easier for you to read on the screen.
    • The OARC training team know people who with various disabilities who have passed their exams.
  • Some Radios have Speech Processors (or Morse) in them, and will read what is on screen.
    • Yaesu (may need to have extra card added)
    • Baofeng (some, English & Chinese voices)

Ham Radio Disability Information


  • RAIBC - UK Based Charity dedicated to supporting Radio Amateurs and Short-wave Listeners with disabilities. They have Audio Training books available.


General Software

  • SteadyMouse - SteadyMouse is assistive software, designed to detect and remove shaking motion before it reaches your cursor.
  • Dyslexia Font - Dyslexie font is a typeface – specially designed for people with dyslexia.

Radio Software

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