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FlexRadio Flex-6xxx

A series of high-performance 100W HF/6m SDR transceivers. Driven using SmartSDR software or the Maestro standalone control head (actually a Windows tablet in a box).


Model Current SCUs Max rcvrs Max b/w ATU RX-only inputs Diversity RX Integrated display 2m
6300 no 1 2 7 MHz optional 1 no no no
6500 no 1 4 14 MHz optional 2 no no no
6400 yes 1 2 7 MHz optional 2 no no no
6400M yes 1 2 7 MHz optional 2 no yes no
6600 yes 2 4 14 MHz yes 4 yes no no
6600M yes 2 4 14 MHz yes 4 yes yes no
6700 no 2 8 14 MHz yes 3 yes no yes

An SCU is a Spectral Capture Unit.

The 6300, 6400(M), and 6500 have 1 Spectral capture unit that sample the entire HF spectrum from 30Khz to 54Mhz all the time.

You can use 2 slices or receivers on a single SCU radio on any part of the HF spectrum you wish. The only limitation is that you have to use the same antenna to do that.

If you have a 160M to 6M multiband antenna, you can receive 160M and 6M at that same time.

If you go to a 2 SCU radio then you can use 2 different antennas at the same time. They are independent of each other.

Resources - some hints and general unstructured information - SmartSDR Utilities

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