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Next Pub Meet: 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. Subject to change but check the #rubber-duck-pub channel for info. Typically starting at 8pm (UK local) until Late
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Link for Pub Meet

At Online ARC we like to let out hair down regularly and due to distance and the pandemic we've setup our own Virtual Pub nights. You can choose to drink alcoholic (beer, wine, cocktails, spirits, etc) or non alcoholic drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate, fizzy drinks, etc) during the event.

You are invited to The Rubber Duck Pub (Virtual) on the 1st and 3rd Saturday each month from 8pm until late.

Links will be supplied in Discord #the-rubber-duck-pub channel for Zoom. Pub nights are not usually recorded.

Whilst we try to explain what the pub night is like, it's best to visit and see what Random we get up to.

Havoc's (2E0EMO) attempt at explain what is pub night

  • Hosted virtually on Zoom
  • Chill out, talk radio, talk about anything
  • A random amount of spamming in #the-rubber-duck-pub
  • We use Sync Tube as a juke box. Feel free to add music to it. Attendees often find new music to listen to
  • Random games including word bingo
  • A pretty laid back group
  • Bit like a club meet up but less cliquey. We love and welcome everyone
  • Before 10pm SFW after well we can not promises it will not be.
  • Hosted normally on Saturday 8pm but link can be posted before hand if you want to get technical with OBS.


Sorry, but we felt we needed a few

  • Silly Questions? No such thing. Come and ask. We do however reserve right to give a silly answer.
  • Use of Radio during Pub meets is encouraged, but if using Voice please remember to mute your mic.
  • Use of OBS Studio/Streamlabs OBS, etc is allowed
  • Please don't repost Zoom links publicly outside the Online ARC Discord Server.
    • You may however send privately to people you know.
  • Try not to speak over other people in the chat
    • Be aware there are sometimes slight delays on Zoom which may cause this.
  • Make sure to let everyone have a say, and not to dominate the conversation.
  • Please try keep anything that might be inappropriate for after 10pm.
  • Don't be a Dick, be a Duck

Please note, Non of the team behind the pub will accept any abuse towards each other. This is a space that office style banter is accepted but bullying is not. Paul M0TZO and Havoc (Mitchell) 2E0EMO do reserve the right to kick anyone who is not keeping with the sprit of the community. If at any time you feel unhappy please message us on discord via PM or via the Zoom chat feature. We can normally sort out issues but other community reps are unlikely to be able to help during pub night.

Past Topics

Amateur Radio

Other Topics

Other Amateur Radio Clubs (OARC)

If you're a member of a club, community, or council below you are welcome to come say Hello on this Discord. This was put together to be light hearted bit of fun. Also if your “OARC” radio group is not listed, let us know.

Club Name Callsigns Country State/Prov Website QRZ
Oldham Amateur Radio Club G1ORC/G4ORC UK G1ORC
Orkney Amateur Radio Group GB5RO UK GB5RO
Oakville Amateur Radio Club VE3HB Canada Ontario VE3HB
Orchard City Amateur Radio Club, The VE7OGO Canada British Columbia VE7OGO
Oliver Amateur Radio Club VE7OLV Canada British Columbia VE7OLV
Ottawa Amateur Radio Club VE3RC Canada Ontario VE3RC
Ogden Amateur Radio Club Callsigns USA UT QRZ
Ogdensburg Amateur Radio Club Callsigns USA NY QRZ
Ohio Area Repeater Council Callsigns USA OH QRZ
Okeechobee Amateur Radio Club Callsigns USA State/Prov Website
Onslow Amateur Radio Club Callsigns USA NC QRZ
Oneonta Amateur Radio Club Callsigns USA NY QRZ
Orange Amateur Radio Club Callsigns USA TX QRZ
Orlando Amateur Radio Club Callsigns USA FL QRZ
Ottumwa Amateur Radio Club Callsigns USA IA QRZ
Owasso Amateur Radio Club Callsigns USA OK QRZ
Owensboro Amateur Radio Club Callsigns USA KY QRZ
Ozone Amateur Radio Club Callsigns USA LA QRZ
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