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Be sure to post where you’ll be in advance on SOTAWatch as an alert so people will be ready to chase you. Mention OARC if space allows. After logging in click on Alerts and then Add Alert.
(If you can) post a spot on SOTAWatch when at your summit so that people know when you are QRV. If you can’t do this some who hears you can do it for you (if you ask them nicely!). Click on Spots and then Add Spot.
Before we do anything else we should try and do a 2M net together *first* on the common SOTA frequency of 145.400 FM, giving nice local S2S opportunities.
  • People with HF gear can then attempt to do a wider U.K. net on something like 40M to score more S2S points.
  • Then we can break off and do our own thing. We may need to manage traffic on the bands efficiently. This will require us to possibly avoid each other with smart frequency choices, which is easy enough to do.
  • If we need to we can coordinate all this on the Discord, so don’t worry! You’ll have mobile signal on most peaks, probably.
  • Full licensees who want to operate using one of the OARC club callsigns should ask Paul M0TZO on the club Discord.
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