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Local Club Recommendations

RSGB Facebook Regions

Log books

  • Cloudlog - Self hosted Logbook PHP MySQL Cloud Open Source Free Subscription
    • Online ARC members can request hosted Cloudlog on Discord Server
  • Log4OM - Fully featured log book software Windows Proprietary Free
  • Swisslog - Fully Featured and Well Integrated Logbook. Features Digimode and CW Interfaces. Windows Proprietary Free
  • CQRLOG for Linux - CQRLOG is an advanced ham radio logger based on MySQL database.

Online Radio

  • Zello Push to talk walkie talkie app - Can be Linked to your rig with an adapter Cloud Proprietary Freemium
  • Echolink Amateur Radio Over IP. Access to Repeaters and Nets Windows Propietary Free
  • Web SDR Web based Software Defined Radio List.
  • QO-100 WebSDR QO-100 narrow band SDR

Digital Radio



Data Modes

Data Modes Software

  • WSJT-X is the OG software for FT8, FT4, JT8 and other low-power data modes developed by K1JT.
  • fldigi is cross-platform software for doing PSK31, RTTY, MFSK and other higher-bandwidth data modes.

Morse Code

  • Morse - CW/Morse stuff has own page



Raspberry Pi

O2 Joggler

Other links

UK Ham Radio Stores

Physical Store

  • Martin Lynch - Link
  • Nevada Radio - Link
  • Waters & Stanton - Link


  • Sinotel UK - Link
  • Knights CB UK - Link
  • Thunderpole UK - Link

Classified Advert sites

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