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Web SDRs

Stafford, Staffs

Two separate web SDRs:

Hack Green, Nantwich

Nantwich Secret Nuclear Bunker, formerly R.A.F. Hack Green


Brentwood, Essex

Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker (

HF Receiver

The HF receiver is a KiwiSDR coupled with a wideband WellGood Loop receiving antenna. It covers from DC (well, around 5 kHz) to 33 MHz.

VHF-SHF Receiver

The antenna is currently a Diamond V2000A at 45m above ground (~135m above sea). The bands and frequencies covered are listed below; bands marked with an asterisk (*) may later be configured to have switchable segments within the band.

  • 6m (50 – 52 MHz)
  • 4m (70 – 72 MHz)
  • 2m (144 – 146 MHz)
  • 70cm (432 – 434 MHz)*
  • 23cm (1296 – 1298 MHz)*

Reading, Berkshire

OpenWebRX SDR covering 6m, 4m, 2m, 70cm. Location: Sonning, east of Reading, Berkshire.

Hertfordshire, north of London

This WebSDR is using RTL Dongle receivers on all bands, on VHF and UHF the antenna is Diamond V2000. The 4 meter vertical antenna is a Siro CX-4-68 4M, located IO91tp. It is operated by M0XVT and G3VHH.

Goonhilly, Cornwall

This WebSDR is hosted at Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall at 50.0524°, -5.1823° (IO70JB). The WebSDR was upgraded in September 2022 for additional amateur bands.

  • 144-146MHz - 2m turnstile for satellites
  • 435-437MHz - 70cm turnstile for satellites
  • 1296-1298MHz - 23cm - 13 element Yagi for tropo monitoring
  • 2320–2321MHz - 13cm - 21 element Yagi for tropo monitoring

Chichester, West Sussex

80m-10m KiwiSDR by G8URE

Jodrell Bank, nr Manchester

Multiple bands on multiple SDRs by G0BXU

Dalgety Bay, nr Edinburgh

2200m-10m KiwiSDR by MM3NDH. Antenna is a Wellbrook active loop.

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