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Below is a link to the OfCom flow chart for EMF compliance, anyone with an amateur radio licence, foundation or otherwise should complete this for every station they use, handheld, mobile, fixed or otherwise, if there is any chance they will operate near someone else:

RSGB EMF Compliance Flowchart (PDF)

If you are sharing a site with other operators [they don't have to be amateurs, they could hold any other type of radio licence]:

RSGB Shared Site Compliance Flowchart (PDF)

Direct link to latest RSGB calculator, updated October:

RSGB EMF Calculator v0.1.2 (xlsx)
RSGB EMF Calculator Version 1.0.12-beta1-11d (web)

Common misconceptions

  • Whether you have to consider EMF depends on the power output of your radio - no it's on the max allowed on the licence
  • You can avoid having to complete an assessment by lowering your power - no your max power on your license sets the requirement
  • the limits for what you do when are x watts/power at the antenna [ERP] - all factors considering if something is needed are measured in Effective Isotropic Radiated Power - it's what comes out of the antenna compared to a isotope - so whatever your ERP is + about 2.15dB
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