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National Packet Update - August 2023


Welcome to the latest edition of the National Packet Update, where we strive to collate updates on our endeavors to increase packet radio usage and expand its coverage in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and beyond.

It's been another busy month for packet radio with 7+ NOV applications for new nodes, 25 Barebones NinoTNC kits being sent out, with parts for another 20 on order with suppliers, and 20 Tait radios being sent out be put into use for packet radio.


In the North West of England, the North West Packet Group have put GB7MBC (Morecombe Bay) and GB7ROS (Rossendale, Lancashire) into service, with a hive of activity in the surrounding areas and more nodes planned for the future. Matt M5MPC has also put GB7ELE into operation in Walkden, Manchester and G1OHH has applied for an NoV for MB7NLA near Windermere on 6m

In the East of England, Andy M1NER has also put up MB7NER near Peterborough, which may help link central England to the pocket of activity surrounding Norwich in future.

In the South East of England, Matt G7HMV has put up MB7NLB in Leighton Buzzard, with the goal of linking the Milton Keynes area up to G8KHF's node in Daventry, MB7NXX.

In the South West of England GB7PEW in Pewsey, Wiltshire has been issued the new callsign MB7NPW, and is now RF only since stable RF links have been setup to MB7NBH near Bristol. Great progress!

In the South of England, Jules G0NZO has setup MB7NSC on Bell Hill near Ibberton, which has an RF path to GB7IOW and onto GB7RDG in Reading.

In Wales, M0ZEN has put up MB7NCD in Coleford, further boosting the activity that's gaining traction around Wales and Bristol.

In Ireland, Vic EI5IYB and Ben EI9IUB have been experimenting with getting a 9600 baud link between their nodes around the Tullamore area.

Also worth noting, Nino KK4HEJ has added new experimental modes to the NinoTNC, see for more details

How to get involved

  • Join the OARC Discord server ( and visit the #national-packet-project channel.
  • Join the UK Packet Radio mailing list:
  • Visit for further information, tutorials, and more. (Please note that this page is a work in progress, just like this project!)
  • Build a node and get it on the air, or try connecting to any of the existing nodes.
  • Stay tuned for future updates on the progress.
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