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What should I take?

If you’re a little nervous about how to do your first activation, or you’re looking for some refreshers after not doing it for a while, then this section should give you some ideas.

The most important advice to start with: don’t push yourself too hard and enjoy the scenery. Make sure someone knows where you’re going and your route and when to expect you back. Look after yourself: the basic stuff.

To-do: finish radio/antenna/power sections

YouTube resources

If you want some tips on how to make your activation a success there are lots of videos of people activating summits on YouTube, along with some tutorials and guides. You are encouraged to check some of these out!

Public engagement - If you're out and about you'll get asked questions by the public, that is pretty much a given. This can be annoying when you're operating and listening intently. Here's something you can hand out to the public that explains what amateur radio is and what you're actually doing at the time.

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