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Packet Node Directory

This is a listing of packet nodes which are known to OARC - not necessarily just those owned/run by OARC members.


Keeper: Harwell ARS
Location: Harwell, Reading - IO91jo
Antenna: unknown
Bands/modes: 144.950MHz 1200 baud AX.25
Software: Unknown
Aliases: HARS - node, G3PIA-2 - BBS
Neighbours: MB7NBA (Bampton, Oxon)




Keeper: Simon M0GZP
Location: Wembley, IO91un
Antenna: Diamond X50 colinear 12m AGL
Bands/modes: 144.950MHz 1200 baud AX.25, 432.675MHz 1200 baud AX.25
Software: Linux Kernel
Aliases: WEMBLY
Neighbours: GB7CIP (Caterham, South London), MB7NHA (Harpenden, Herts)


Keeper: Roger G0AOZ
Location: Bampton, Oxon - IO91fr, NGR SP3100601547
Antenna: Various
Bands/modes: 50.650MHz 1200 baud AX.25, 144.950MHz 1200 baud AX.25, 430.200MHz 9600 baud AX.25, 432.675 1200 baud AX.25
Software: Xrouter model 5
Aliases: BAMPTN - node, BAMCHT - chat
Neighbours: HARS (G3PIA, Harwell), GB7CIP (AX.IP)


Keeper: Eoin (Owen) M0NVK
Location: Isle Of Wight off of south coast
Antenna: VHF Diamond X-200, HF 80m Loop
Bands/modes: 7.0457MHz USB 300 baud IL2P (1600/1800Hz tones, CF 7047.4kHz), 144.950MHz 1200 Baud AX.25
Software: BPQ
Neighbours: GB7SOU (G1GXB, Southampton), G7BCS (Kevin, Four Marks)
HF NinoTNC settings: 1101 (300 baud IL2P), pre-release firmware NOT required
VHF NinoTNC settings: 0110 (1200 baud AX.25), pre-release firmware NOT required


Keeper: Ben EI9IUB
Location: Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath, Ireland (IO63fj)
Antenna: VHF Diamond X-510 @ 17M
Bands/modes: 144.950MHz 1200 Baud AX.25, 70.235MHz 1200 Baud AX.25
Software: BPQ
Neighbours: EI5IYB (Vic, Rathangan, Co. Kildare), EI5IN (Keith, Mullingar)


Keeper: Paul G4APL
Location: Caterham, S London
Neighbours: M0GZP
Info text


Keeper: Hibby MM0RFN
Location: Aberdeen, off the top of the map
Antenna: Diamond V-2000
Bands/modes: 432.6250MHz 1200 Baud AX.25
Software: Linux/Uronode/FBB
Neighbours: MM3NDH (Embra, near England)
VHF NinoTNC settings: 0110 (1200 baud AX.25), pre-release firmware NOT required

Full Hardware and Software Configuration


Keeper: Robin, M0JQQ
Location: Cramlington, Northumberland | IO95ec
Antenna: Diamond X-200 (copy) and Sigma HF360 for HF
Bands/modes: 144.9375MHz 1200 Baud AX.25 and 7.0457MHz USB with tones centred on 1500Hz offset [300bd IL2P]
Software: BPQ32
Neighbours: GB7ODZ (2m only)


Keeper: Michael GM5AUG
Loation: Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire (nr. Glasgow, miles north of England) | IO75US
Antenna: 2m Slim Jim and EFLW
Bands/modes: 144.9375MHz 1200bd AX.25, 7.04574MHz 300bd I2LP,
Software: linbpq running on Raspberry Pi
Neighbours: MB7NKL, MB7NDH, GB7IOW, GB7CNR


Keeper: Greg M0ODZ
Loation: Houghton le Spring, Tyne and Wear, Northeast of England | IO94gt
Antenna: 2M/70cms white stick
Bands/modes: 144.9375MHz 1200 baud
Software: modified codebase linbpq running on HP Z230
Neighbours: GB7CNR, GB7NED
Features: Custom apps, games and the complete Project Gutenberg offline book archive in FILES


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