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XRPi / XRLin / Xrouter

XRouter is the generic name of a monolithic, colourful, multilingual, closed source AX.25 and TCP/IP packet router program. It is very flexible, is a testbed for new ideas, and is still actively being developed.

It comes in 3 flavours: XRLin for x86 Linux, XRPi for raspberry pi (32 and 64 bit versions available), and XRWin for Microsoft Windows.

(If you want real old-skool, there's XRouter for DOS (still a few of these in use!), and Xr32 for Windows, although those haven't been updated since 2013. The companion BBS and server Xs32, is still in use today)

The project is looking for more ideas about what direction it could go in future, to inspire development.

The program has its own AX.25, NET/ROM and TCP/IP stacks, and the author has extended NET/ROM to allow HTTP and file transfer between nodes, short messaging, automatic PMS forwarding, “standard services” and lots more.

The config file is very BPQ-like, although some of the concepts are a little different. The sysop interface is old-skool, or you can run it as a daemon and operate it via Http or Telnet.

For further information, see the XRPi website. The author does not control the website, therefore there are significant discrepancies worsening as time goes by. There is a support mailing list here.

Member experiences with XRPi greatly appreciated - it looks interesting and capable!



Below is the latest version of Xrouter for Pi or PC

Usage / tips

  • xrouter as of 502r is a TUI which currently runs interactively, so run it within tmux or screen if you want to background it
  • run ./xrlin502r on x86/64 or ./xrpi502 on Pi
  • You need to set up XROUTER.CFG, example soon
  • Alt-X or “Exit 1” command to exit
  • left and right arrows move between windows
  • F1 for help in each window, escape to exit help
  • Console window + F2 + F3 sorts out monitoring
  • Console window takes commands- e.g. C M0AAA to try to connect

Take a Tour of Xrouter

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