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Example: Online Amateur Radio Community (Online ARC), Virtual Clubs, Paul, M0TZO, 0843 006 1378 1st Friday & 3rd Saturday Online Virtual Pub Meet.

Calls to 0843 numbers cost 5p per minute +VAT when called from a BT landline.

Email to Radcom

Dear Radcom;

Please can you add us to your events page - we are affiliated with the RSGB under Region 9 but would be better placed in the Virtual Club section.

Online Amateur Radio Community
Online Community - Active 24/7/365 discord server. Offering Foundation, Intermediate and Full training. Beyond Exams, private SIP Gateway and digital bridge. 17 specialist chat areas covering everything from Antennas to SDR. No membership cost! Twice monthly “Virtual Pub Nights” and community zoom nights


Francis Hennigan Community Representative Online Amateur Radio Community - M0OUK


Please send news reports to To get future events listed here and put on GB2RS, email details of your meetings as early as possible to Include your club name, RSGB Region number, contact name, callsign & phone number, date and details of meeting. Example: Fraser Road Radio Club, Region 9, Steve, M1ACB, 01234 832 700, 29 Oct, talk on aardvark breeding, Phil, G9ABC. We normally acknowledge all submissions within 3 working days: if you don't hear from us, please phone. We don't normally include 'closed', 'TBA' or 'every Tuesday'-type entries. The deadline for September is 21 July and for October it's 25 August. For GB2RS, the deadline is 10am the Thursday before broadcast.


Come join the Free Online Amateur Radio Community (OARC) Discord Server with 900+ members, by visiting & clicking on the image or link. #hamradio #hamr

Featuring Training for Foundation, Intermediate and Full licence levels, Social Nights, Talks, specific chat rooms (eg antennas, satellites, contesting, etc), SIP PBX (out own VOIP network) & club callsign & activities.

Operating in UK

You can operate for 3 months under CEPT T/R 61-01 using a US Amateur Extra licence. For operation beyond that you need to either sit our exams to get a UK licence, or pay for a Temporary Reciprocal licence at £20 every six months (renewable as many times as you like). You cannot get a permanent UK licence without further exams

First three months: you can operate as M/(US AE Callsign) without paying anything, notifying anyone or doing anything, just key up and enjoy. Next six months: apply for a Temporary Reciprocal licence costing £20 which will allow you to continue as M/(US AE Callsign) for another six months Every subsequent six months for as long as you like: reapply for Temporary Reciprocal licence costing another £20

HAREC is a certificate issued when you pass the highest level of amateur radio exam in various countries including the UK, which entitles you to apply for a licence in any of those countries. Unfortunately neither Malaysia or the USA is part of the scheme

£27.50 to sit the Foundation, £32.50 to sit the Intermediate and £37.50 to sit the Full You must sit them in order, but you can stay at Foundation or Intermediate for as long as you like (or forever) The licences are free for life

The Temporary Reciprocal licence gives you the full privileges associated with a Full licence, so in practice you might want to keep renewing it until you've gotten a Full licence (unless you're happy with 10W at Foundation or 50W at Intermediate) The three months you can operate without doing anything also have the full privileges of a Full licence.

This is the form you'll need to fill out in order to apply for a Temporary Reciprocal licence to continue operating in the UK for more than three months after you arrive.

This is a test for a table of Rig's as community rating system

Make Model Picture Price(current retail price) Bands Power Community Star Rating
Icom 7300 Icom 7300 £1,199.99 160 - 50 MHZ 100W 5 Stars
Yaesu FT-8900 Out of production 50, 144, & 430 MHZ 50W 5 Stars
Yaesu FT-991A Yaesu FT-991A £1,229.95 160 - 50, 144, & 430 MHZ 100W 3 Stars

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