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Future Tweets

Place to write some future Tweets for our Twitter account.

Regular Invitation

OARC invites you to join our Discord Server with 1,400 members at #hamradio #hamr

  • You're invited to join the Free Online Amateur Radio Community (OARC) Discord Server with 1,400+ members, by visiting clicking on the image or link. #hamradio #hamr
    • Featuring Training for Foundation, Intermediate and Full licence levels, Social Nights, Talks, specific chat rooms (eg antennas, satellites, contesting, etc), SIP PBX (our own VOIP network), club callsign, activities, over 300 active members.
  • How much does it cost to become a member of the Online Amateur Radio Community (OARC)?
    • It's Free. (we do charge a small reservation fee for training courses though)
  • Tweet about our
    • Contesters
    • Sota / Pota
    • Satellites
    • Social Group / Pub
    • Members - (willing participant) Who Am I thumbnail member summaries

Training Tweets

-HOWTO series -radio in 280 characters - snippets of radio HowTo stuff focused on really specific points (links allowed as extensions / find out more)

-did you know?
*Why stuff is the way it is - make connections with other knowledge/parts of hobby *How you can interact with OARC members - Discord, Zoom, Radio :), Bridge …

Event Tweets

- announce activity
- announce talk
- this week in OARC

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