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Self Education

Expanding your knowledge

One of the fundamental concepts of Amateur Radio is the expansion of knowledge through self education. Having a broad knowledge of most topics is fairly typically but most people are interested in specific topics and delve into those subjects to get a better understanding and be able to do more.

This part of the wiki is essentially a knowledge exchange resource which aims to provide links to all things associated with Amateur Radio, everything from studying for your Foundation, Intermediate, and Full license exams to all the usual subjects such as electronics, digital modes, satellites etc. If you have useful links for this page either drop it in the useful links channel on the Discord or edit the page your self.


  • RSGB Training Books - Foundation, Intermediate & Full Manuals, Exam Secrets book, and The International Amateur Radio Examination Manual (not required for UK Exams).
  • RSGB Beyond Exams - “As you progress to the Intermediate and Full licences, there is a range of activities that you can enjoy along the way.” (Discord #beyond-exams)



The Radio Society of Harrow has made available on YouTube® a series of tutorials for the Intermediate level syllabus. RSGB books. GM6DX's course designed to help you pass your UK Intermediate Amateur Radio License exam.


Electronics Solder Smoke is not only a great book on electronics but there's also a podcast hosted by the author.



You are advised to get yourself a scientific calculator for your exam(s). Programmable calculators are not permitted. We recommend a Casio FX83 or FX85 series calculator (±£10 for either), not because we have shares in Casio but it is an acceptable model that some of us can drive!

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