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OARC SOTA Activity Day - 25th June 2022

The first OARC SOTA Activity Day happened on 25th June 2022. This page is an archive of the day will be a repository for reports and write-ups from OARC members.

Here is the thread for 2022 on the SOTA Reflector, should you want to discuss things there with a more public audience:

2022 Stats

  • OARC Activators: 14
  • Summits Activated: 14 (some shared a peak, some did more than one)
  • DXCCs Represented: G, GM, EI
  • Total SOTA QSOs from summits: 93 (at least!)
  • Total QSOs between OARC members (S2S and chasing): 4? This bit didn’t go as well as planned…
  • Longest QSO distance: ohh, miles… we worked all into Europe, certainly. Haven’t checked yet.

Activation Reports

Here’s a list of all of the summits activated in 2022, along with links to everyone’s activation reports from the day. Some people didn’t make it out, sadly, but their original plans are listed at the bottom of the table. All users here contributed to the chatter on Discord and provided excellent information and encouragement, so it’s only right they’re listed here.

Name/Callsign Summit Name Summit Ref Activation Report
Mark 2M0IIG Scald Law GM/SS-125 Text/Images Video
Chris 2M0PVP Mid Tooin GM/SI-190 Text/Images
Simon M0SMU Dundry Down G/SC-010 Text/Images
Philip M0PWV Butser Hill G/SE-004
John MQ5JFS Butser Hill G/SE-004
Kelly G6AWK Ditchling Beacon G/SE-006 Text/Images
Gavin G5HOW Bardon Hill G/CE-004
Dennis G5NLD Bardon Hill G/CE-004
Lukasz MM0OKO East Cairn Hill GM/SS-282
Vic EI5IYB Great Sugar Loaf EI/IE-022 Images
Vic EI5IYB Little Sugar Loaf EI/IE-052 Images
Szymon - MQ6IBM Wendover Woods G/CE-005 Text/Images
Alan - 2E0JWA Hail Storm Hill G/SP-009 Text/Images
Paul - 2E0CPX Gun G/SP-013 Text/Images
Graham - 2M1GPR An Cuaidh GM/WS-337

Additional #sota-day Discord channel crew (some folk planned to head out but couldn't make it in the end)

Ewan MM7EST North Berwick Law GM/SS-280
Eoin M0NVK St Boniface Down G/SE-008
Sarah - MI/LB6BJ Slieve Gullion GI/CA-001
Sara MW7SRA Foel Cwmcerwyn GW/MW-011
Rob - 2E0RPZ Kit Hill G/DC-003
Ellen MI0XAX Divis GI/AH-004
Robin - M0JQQ Ros Castle G/SB-009


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