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Open Study Group

The intention of this group is to be holistic in the way we offer training and tailor to the requirements of the current group/individuals. The ideas below are suggestions, and many may not be used or required.

This is not an Official Course or Training, but will take suggestions of topics people want for the next session, and offer a discussion and/or live demonstrations (via Screenshare).

Planned Activities

  • Antennas, Data Modes (eg FT8), Digital Voice (eg DMR), Morse or Satellites
  • Vote for which day now in #open-study-group on Discord for which day to run session.
  • How to setup a Raspberry for Ham Radio
  • How to setup WSJT-X & Gridtracker for FT8/4
  • Setting up Cloudlog
  • Morse by PC
  • Anytone AT-D878UVII Plus night - how to set up and use this common DMR radio

New Suggestions

Please add new suggestions here, so I can sort list and tidy up.

  • Mounting antennas and what you might need to mount [2m0occ]
  • JS8Call and how to use [MM7MGR] Added on behalf of
  • RTTY / PSK31, how to have an actual QSO Added by M7SMU
  • Martime Mobile
    • You can be /M or /MM in territorial waters.
    • If you are /M you use RSL, if you are /MM you do not use RSL. B or C look correct A is definitely wrong.
    • The Licence is clear on /MM. The Ofcom guidance muddies the water by introducing /M in territorial waters.
    • This conundrum has no definitive answer, hence my appeals to RSGB to avoid territorial waters questions.
    • Inland waters or international waters are unambiguous.

Notes from Google Doc

To Be Tidied Up

Open Study Group notes

  • Topics
    • 1 Getting your licence back [Paul M0TZO]
      • Name / Callsign
      • If your licence lapsed, how long was you unlicenced?
      • How did you get your licence back?
      • What radio equipment do you have now?
      • What topics do you already know about?
      • What's your favorite part of the hobby?
      • What are your current interests?
      • What topics do you want to learn about?
      • Are you registered on our Online ARC Discord server?
  • Beyond Exams[2e0ggj]
  • Foundation, Intermediate, Full, Exam Secrets books[Paul M0TZO]
    • List the Syllabus Categories
      • Licensing conditions and station identification
      • Technical aspects
      • Transmitters and receivers
      • Feeders and antennas
      • Propagation
      • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
      • Operating practices and procedures
      • Safety
      • Measurements and construction
        • Practical assessments
          • Using Calculator / Formula Sheet <Link Here>
    • Rules and Laws of Operating
  • Use of Community slides for Foundation, Intermediate, Full training[Paul M0TZO]
  • How to reclaim lapsed callsign[Paul M0TZO]
  • How to get a “Vanity” callsign (if you don’t have one, but passed the exams)[Paul M0TZO]
  • RSGB Website[Paul M0TZO]
  • RSGB . ARRL, etc books[Paul M0TZO]
  • YouTube Videos[Paul M0TZO]
    • Bath[Paul M0TZO]
    • Cornish Club[Paul M0TZO]
    • Essex Ham[Paul M0TZO]
  • Club Talks[Paul M0TZO]
  • Website Resources[Paul M0TZO]
  • Use of Club Callsign[Paul M0TZO]
  • Current Radios and Features and Newer Modes[Paul M0TZO]
    • Yaesu, Baofeng, etc
    • DMR/Digital Voice Modes
    • Data Modes, FT8, FT4, etc
    • Setup Raspberry Pi OS / Pi-Star Hotspots
    • SDR / Panadapters
  • Contests[Paul M0TZO]
  • Logging / Current requirements[Paul M0TZO]
    • Software for Linux, PCs, Macs, tablets and phones
  • How to operate Abroad (when we are bloody allowed)[Paul M0TZO]
  • Remote Radio[Paul M0TZO]
    • Eg If someone logged into my screen to control my radio, with me watching
  • USA / Foreign exams[Paul M0TZO]
  • Basic radio operations aka things that you did not know about your rig or you did not practice [Teodor 2E0GIY]
    • Use of RIT [Teodor 2E0GIY]
    • Contesting with advanced techniques like single transmitter dual receiver [Teodor 2E0GIY]
    • Audio path (syllabus commits this part and I remember that 25y ago I had one question about microphone characteristics on the exam - Teodor) introduction of external elements like mixers, filters, audio compressors etc. [Teodor 2E0GIY]
  • Field day DIY aka how to hold the power drill and survive for humanists [Teodor 2E0GIY]
    • Antenna making [Teodor 2E0GIY]
    • How to “bake” an impedance transformer [Teodor 2E0GIY]
    • Emergency antenna [Teodor 2E0GIY]
    • Band filter [Teodor 2E0GIY]
  • Fox hunt [Teodor 2E0GIY]
  • Measurements - the God level (syllabus is limited to a volt/amp meters) [Teodor 2E0GIY]
    • Using an oscilloscope [Teodor 2E0GIY]
    • VNA [Teodor 2E0GIY]
      • What are Smiths charts [Teodor 2E0GIY]
      • SWR or power loss - what is more useful and when [Teodor 2E0GIY]
      • How to measure feeder/cable [Teodor 2E0GIY]
        • Resistance [Teodor 2E0GIY]
        • Impedance [Teodor 2E0GIY]
        • Length [Teodor 2E0GIY]
        • Velocity factor [Teodor 2E0GIY]
      • Measure antenna [Teodor 2E0GIY]
      • Measure resonance circuit [Teodor 2E0GIY]

NOTE: all above could be a part of group training, but apart of it should be made as a stand alone videos and posted on YouTube channel (similar to RSGB online conventions) as promotional material. [Teodor 2E0GIY]

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