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"Spin the dialpad"


So, you may or may not be familiar with the concept of Postcrossing. The idea there is that you register as a user, and you'll be sent the mailing address of another registered Postcrossing user. You then send that person a postcard from your local area, over the traditional postal system, so that they can get something that relates to the country you live in. Typically, the mailing address you'll have to send to will be overseas to you. Once you've sent that postcard, and it has been logged as received by the recipient, you'll then be included in the next round of postcards and your address will be given to someone else - again, typically overseas.

My idea has been shamelessly stolen from this concept, in order to:

  • help increase the usage of the OARC SIP network,
  • help build the social aspect of the SIP network and OARC as a whole, and
  • have some fun


So, here is my proposal - a similar concept to Postcrossing but for the OARC SIP network. Instead of sending a postcard to a random person who doesn't know it's coming, you make a phone call to a random person who isn't expecting it.


  1. OARC SIP network users opt in to this concept, by:
    • virtually dropping their extension number into a hat (or a bowl, if you're that way inclined)
    • specifying their preferred contact days/times
    • understanding that it's a two-way thing, so if you're in, you're opting in as both a caller and a callee.
  2. Some magic system - yet to be designed - pairs off callers with callees
    • There will be some logic in place to prevent the likelihood of the same pairing in succession (in either direction), but with the comparatively small numbers in play, that can't be guaranteed
    • We'll try and make it so that a given users makes a call, receives a call, makes a call, etc.
    • When a caller and callee are in play, they're not available for any further pairing until the contact has been confirmed
  3. The caller calls the callee within the preferred contact days/times that they've specified, but not prearranged in advance
    • This ensures that the incoming call will be a partial surprise to the callee, as they won't know when and whom is calling them until it happens.
  4. The callee then confirms with the co-ordinator (yet to be determined) who then frees the callee up to be a future caller, and vice versa.
    • If that confirmation isn't forthcoming (after a time yet to be determined) the callee goes back into the pot, and the caller is placed on hold (heh!) until they come grovelling back, begging to be put back in play.


  • This is a game, designed to be a bit of harmless fun for the participants, nothing more.
  • No guarantees, no refunds.
  • Drop out or pause at any time.
  • There are no data privacy concerns here, as the co-ordinator will only be working with extension numbers, users in the #sip-network room, and the publicly available data in the callbook.
  • I'm happy to act as co-ordinator.

If this concept is approved, this page can form the basis of a proper page for the Wiki.

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