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Ordering NinoTNC

Click-by-click instructions on placing a component-lny order for NinoTNC. It's simpler and quicker than this implies!

Note this does not include microcontroller or PCB- you need to place separate orders for those.

  1. Download and save the BoM file to your computer - this page, under Order the Parts:
  2. Ensure it contains a header row, if not, add one with headings Mfr Part Number, Quantity, Customer Part no, Description. (Mouser UK has recently changed their BoM import system to always require one.)
  3. Sign up if necessary, and log in
  4. Clear your shopping basket, if there is anything in it
  5. Under Accounts & Orders, click BOMs
  6. Click Create New BOM
  7. Click Upload Spreadsheet
  8. Click Choose File
  9. Locate the file you saved in step 1 and click Open
  10. Click Upload My Spreadsheet
  11. Click Next. Then on this screen:
  12. Set the first column to Mfr Part Number
  13. Set the second column to Quantity
  14. Set the third column to Customer Part No.
  15. Set the fourth column to Description
  16. Click Next
  17. Under “Only include RoHS-compliant products in my results?” select No
  18. Click Process BOM
  19. Click Add To Basket, setting the multiplier to the number of kits you ordered, then click Add to Basket again
  20. Click View Basket, and ensure everything is “Dispatches Now” under Availability.
  21. Ensure you have 32 rows in your basket.
  22. Click Checkout and pay for your order

If anything shows as Back Ordered, please ping #ninotnc-group-buy channel in Discord.

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