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OARC JS8 Call Net Night


An opportunity to work other OARC members in a net on 40m JS8 Call. Come and experience a new mode and learn in a fun, friendly way.

Date Time

The Net is planned for Thursday 28 July at 2000 BST on 40m JS8 Call 7.078 MHz USB


  • Ability to work 40m Inter-G (ask in #antennas if you are struggling to work UK&EI stations on 40m)
  • SSB HF rig and audio interface to connect to a PC / Laptop / Pi (ask in #radio-equipment if you need help with this)
  • JS8 Call installed on your system of choice (ask in #data-modes for help)
  • A basic understanding of how to operate JS8 Call (see this guide or video section below)
  • Patience and willingness to learn / experiment (bring that yourself ;-) )

Sign-up sheet

Please sign-up here so we know who is interested / needs help / is thinking about it

Name Callsign Level of Experience Notes.
Simon M0SMU Mostly Harmless Made QSOs on JS8 Call and keen to work others and learn more.
Robin M0JQQ Oooo, at least 1 QSO Sent myself an SMS text :-)
Dave M7TLB Had a few QSOs on 20m/40m Very compromised antenna setup, so no guarantees I'll be heard

Other Resources

Please add links to videos / guides or whatever that you think might help others

Serial Title Type Notes.
001 Getting started guide Guide Lots of tips on getting your radio working with JS8 Call.
002 JS8 Call Guide V2.2 Guide Comprehensive
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