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Simon M0GZP

Darrell M0ODH

Here are some cheatsheets I put together on Ham Bands and my QRP tranceivers for easy reference



General Blogs/Articles

  • My ADS-B Reception Journey - A complete write-up of the development of my ADS-B feeder setup, with interesting pictures, graphs, and some advice.
  • DWD Weather Fax - A day in the life of the DWD weather fax service, with some helpful tips and tricks for the best reception
  • Sending Weather Faxes - Did you know that you can send weather faxes yourself? Here's some tips
  • OUTDATED - just install SatDump instead! VHF Weather Satellite Reception - useful tips, tricks and links to resources for a field with often-complex software
  • GNU Radio Tips - some useful tips and tricks picked up by the Club for having fun in GNU Radio
  • Some Thoughts On Gatekeeping - an old blog article about the state of amateur radio and the people who do it and why they suck sometimes

Jon 2E0LXQ

Simon EI3JDB

Simon M0SMU


Steve M1SDH


Rich M7GET

Kevin 2E0LSR

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