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Online Amateur Radio Community Wiki

You can join the Online Amateur Radio Community Discord Server at

Welcome to the Online Amateur Radio Community Wiki. We are a UK online based community, here to have fun and experiment with amateur radio – An Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) club providing members Support, Advice, and Community, without Committee. Our community is hosted on the popular Discord platform, that provides 24/7 chat and meeting facilities.

This is the Wiki for our community and has extra information on lots of different topics of radio and more.

Online ARC is a RSGB affiliated community that was formed on 28th May 2020 during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. We have currently over 1,500 registered members registered on our Discord Server. We would ask anyone who would like to join to read our Constitution here.



  • Club Callsigns - 14 Club Callsigns available for use by Full Licencees who are members.
  • Useful Links - all sorts of links for organisations, modes, software etc
  • Ideas Page - A scratchpad for ideas for things to do or that need doing for OARC
  • OARC PBX - Information about our community VOIP switchboard
  • Membership Stats - Simple membership stats from Discord
  • Archive - Move links to pages no longer required on start page or elsewhere
  • Sandboxes - Have a play on the wiki

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